A culture of waste creates pollution, poor working conditions, cheap design, and an enormous amount of waste and environmental damage. 

Today we live in modern slavery. Act wisely, be a voice and not an echo. Choose reuse, repair and when you go shopping, think about sustainable fashion. 

In recent times with the health crisis and confinement, underwear – loungewear has become popular. Comfortable pieces are no longer only used to spend time on the sofa, but also for long hours of work at home.

For this reason, Stezzo Vivere® is a sustainable collection that tries to always be online and offer the consumer unique pieces for their day-to-day needs and with durability.

To have a timeless and versatile concept, we launched the #ChallengeUseMore and we invite you to follow us on our social networks.


To mitigate the environmental impact of shipping, we share some tips to make online shopping more sustainable.


Sustainable material transport

Stay tuned! In the next Newsletter we will share with you our new arrival for the Stezzo family. The most versatile piece – The white T-shirt 😉

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