The history

Drawing with Pointillism: That technique goes back to the mid-19th century, and was created in France, with great impetus by Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. It stems from the impressionist movement, in which the small spots or points of colour create an optical illusion in the eyes of the observer. Summarizing pointillism we can say that it is a very rich work of  colours, that work point by point, almost as if they were “pixels” to form a unique and global image.

The same way it happens with biological science, draw with pointillism was widely used in scientific illustrations, but mainly in plant’s representations. 

It’s a technique that makes it possible to represent lighter regions or with lighting was a way of symbolizing the vegetables on paper. The technique intends to highlight not only the plant’s structures but also the shade and light of the illustrated material. 




In the illustration, the mixed technique is often used to express in richness and visual textures what it is intended to convey.

In an initial phase, a study or several studies of proportion, perspective dimension, the concept is always made, and in modern times applicability, later in a more free and organic way, watercolour becomes the basis of colours.

A technique used in painting, pointillism, is used, which consists of creating the definition of light/shadow small dots, and the juxtaposition of them.

The black water-based pen is used for this purpose, however, the pointillism technique is only used to search for volume and shape definition without using lines.

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A new partnership with the great designer Luísa Coelho brings us the perfect item to add to our Design D’Autore Collection.

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Why isNO MORE” special 

“No More, more than a free association with a feeling of rupture, this illustration is a reflection of a concept in a way of being and living life.

It represents awareness, the definition of who you are, and stand up for yourself.
To be genuine, to be unique, to be original, don’t let society step on you, manipulate you, condemn, suffocate, tell you what you are, what you need to be, what is the standard, what is normal.”

Luísa Coelho


Draw with Pointillism requires completion of a job comes with a combination of well-defined and controlled lines, almost like contour lines that once again define the volume in another way.
The illustration itself has an enhanced digital cut and finish.

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